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Pharmaceutical Grade Ferrous sulfate

Item Index
Content (FeSO4.7H2O,% ≥98.5
Chloride (CI),% ≤0.03
Heavy metals (Pb),% ≤0.002
Manganese (Mn),% ≤0.1
Zinc (Zn),% ≤0.05
Mercury (Hg),% ≤0.0003
High iron salts (High Fe),% ≤0.5
Clarity, Clarity

Chemical formula: FeSO4.7H2O       
Molecular weight: 278.05
CAS NO: 7782-63-0
HS Code: 28332910

Ferrous sulfate is green crystals (may slightly brown), soluble in water, glycerin, insoluble in ethanol; 
Ferrous sulfate having reductive, corrosive, easy to deliquescence weathering; Decomposition by high fever and emit toxic gases; in moist air easily oxidized into a water-insoluble brown basic ferric sulfate.

Main Uses: 
Industrial grade Ferrous sulfate for the manufacture of iron salts, ink, red iron oxide, indigo, carbon monoxide shift catalyst, and as a mordant, purifying agent, tanning agent, wood preservatives and disinfectants; 
Pharmaceutical Grade Ferrous sulfate for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, as well as local convergence agents and blood agents for chronic blood loss caused by uterine fibroids.

PE film bag lined woven bag, Net wt 25Kg or 50Kg.

Storage and transportation: 
Ferrous sulfate should be stored in dry warehouse, to prevent weathering, to prevent rain and exposure, the storage period of 3 years, agglomeration does not affect the chemical performance, according to non-dangerous goods transport, during transport to prevent rain and damp.

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