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Food Grade Magnesium sulfate

Chemical name: Magnesium sulfate

Molecular formula: MgSO4·7H2O dry MgSO4·nH2O
Molecular weight: 246.47 heptahydrate
CAS: 10034-99-8 heptahydrate, 7487-88-9 dry 
Properties: colorless columnar or needle-like fine crystal, was cool salty bitter taste, odorless, density of 2.65g / cm3. At 48 ℃ or less humid air stable, warm air easily weathered. Easily soluble in water (1198%, 20 ℃) and glycerol, aqueous solution is neutral, slightly soluble in ethanol. 
Uses: nutritional supplements, curing agents, flavoring agents, processing aids. Additives brewing, brewing water is added magnesium as a nutrient source during fermentation, improve the fermentability; improving the flavor of sake synthesis (0.002%); adjust the water hardness. 
Packaging: plastic lined woven bag, Net wt 25kg.. 
Storage and transportation: should be stored in dry and ventilated, clean place, avoid rain and moisture, and should be isolated with poisonous and toxic substances;

Content (MgSO4), (burning dry basis) W ≥ 99
Heavy Metals (as Pb), mg / kg ≤ 10
Lead (Pb), mg / kg ≤ 2
Selenium (Se), mg / kg ≤ 30
PH value (50g / L solution) 5.5-7.5
Chloride (as Cl), w% ≤ 0.03
Arsenic (As), mg / kg≤ 3
Iron (Fe), mg / kg≤ 20
LOI w% heptahydrate 40.0-52.0
dry 22.0-32.0

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